Pioneering in security printing

Imagine that you can finally and irrevocably protect your product. The discovery of quantum dots gives you a unique color code that can not be faked. From personal signature to brand protection, huge conveyor with millions of products. And only you have access to unique ink designed for you or your company. IQDEMY Ink with quantum dots give you not just a printed picture, but a really high-tech code, embedded in it by chemists and physicists.

Until now, it was believed that the use of printing to protect against counterfeiting does not guarantee a really high degree of reliability. Even the most high-tech method could not provide effective protection of packaging and labels at all levels and in all conditions of circulation of the goods. But quantum dots, thanks to their ability to create a unique light code, have opened new boundaries in the protection of brands and securities. See how it works.

For the world economy, issues of protecting the interests of producers from different countries are one of the global drivers of growth. Right holders with great difficulty occupy shares in their markets and are very sensitive when these shares are eroded by pirates.

The world counterfeit market in 2015 was 1.5 trillion dollars (BASCAP). The main factor is the rapid growth of consumption in developing countries. Another factor is the development of Internet trading, which promotes the distribution of counterfeit goods. Illegal use of the trademark does not scare the scammers, as it brought huge profits, and at the same time enormous losses to the original manufacturers in various areas. 

Quantum dots are a win-win option for verifying anything you can print on, or something that you can attach something to which you can print. We can create a unique color code that can not be faked and it's easy to verify its correspondence to the original. With help of UV-curable ink and water-based ink with quantum dots we can protect almost anything. It can be color coding of securities, banknotes, identity cards, stamps, seals, certificates, plastic cards, trademarks, and other products, in food industry, pharmaceutical or chemical industry, jewelry, art, etc.

Quantum Dots printing advantages

At the moment, organic Luminophores are popular in the printing industry. They also have a very wide range of applications, but quantum dots have a number of superior characteristics:

  • The lifetime of Quantum Dots is higher than that of a Luminophores X 10 to 100 time.
  • The Quantum Dots maintain a much higher temperature, which is necessary, for example, for lamination. Quantum Dots can easily withstand 180 degrees Celsius without changing its structure and properties.
  • Quantum Dots does not change color over time, unlike Luminophores. The intensity of the glow may decrease, but the color does not change, it is very important for security printing.
  • Luminophores are applied in a opaque way and in themselves have a color. Quantum Dots can also be virtually transparent, for example, as a varnish.
  • Quantum dots can be printed by any printer
  • Provide high fluorescence quantum efficiency: up to 90%.
  • Have wide excitation spectrum, from UV to IR (200-1000 nm)
  • Due to narrow peaks of fluorescence (25-40 nm) provide excellent color purity.
  • Higly resistant to chemical degradation.

More comparative characteristics with luminophores

Color coding of securities
Brand protection
Brand protection
Color coding of plastic cards

As stated above, fluid base for the ink made of quantum dots can be various, which allows applying color coding to almost any object. Water-based ink is good for paper and other absorbing materials, while UV-curable ink works with any non-absorbing surface such as glass, wood, metal, synthetic polymers, or composites.

And so, protection of the goods with the help of ink with quantum dots is possible at any levels. For example, in pharmaceuticals, the client can check the authenticity of the drug himself through a special detector right at the pharmacy. This is a guarantee for the buyer that he bought the original medicine. For large manufacturers - the ability to conduct an audit at dealers and in stores, whether they have original goods. The watch manufacturer may refuse warranty service for watches that do not have a label.

The cost of using Quantum Dots in large volumes is negligible compared to the amount of losses that official manufacturers are bearing from the sale of counterfeits or other criminal schemes. The world counterfeit market in 2015 was 1.5 trillion dollars (BASCAP).


Today we have a positive experience in developing individual, unique solutions in the field of equipment manufacturing, electronics and chemical development with large private and public companies. It is the individual approach to work with each type of product that allows you to optimize any production line as much as possible. We can offer an individual solution to protect your brand "turn-key".

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