The latest research of the IQDEMY laboratory specialists is aimed at studying the synthesis, structure, features and application of quantum dots in various industries.

In fact, quantum dots can be synthesized at home. But it will be nothing more than just entertainment for an amateur chemist. To uncover the full potential of quantum dots and really apply them in different industries, you need to take into account a lot of important parameters. Starting from the choice of material for the core of a future quantum dot or a mixture of several materials, building up a semiconductor shell for these cores and ending with building up the surface modifier. At each stage there are a lot of nuances that need to be taken into account. From each stage and decisions that we apply in the future will depend where we can apply a specific batch of quantum dots, whether they will be environmentally friendly, whether the ink will have the properties we want to get. But this is not all, because you need to consider the compatibility with the equipment that will be used to use quantum dots. Believe me, this is a very difficult task, over which our team is working daily, each time improving the characteristics of products of IQDEMY Chemicals laboratory.

Oleg Markov

Project Manager

10 years already a separate production department of the IQDEMY Holding has launched several kinds of inks for various types of printing, which are suitable for the widest range of materials.

We gain efficiency in compositions improving, new coatings and varnishes developing. All researches are based on IQDEMY science and research laboratory of inorganic chemistry. Also we work with private customers, special for them we develop new inks formulas, varnishes or other coatings.

IQ Chemicals scientists research how the history of a material influences its structure, the material’s properties and performance. The result of their working is used for new printing materials discovery and its appliance in a variety of research areas, including nanotechnology, biomaterials, and metallurgy.

Today IQDEMY Holding is taking on the joint project with THIEME Corporation. It is the fully automated production line for thin-layer solar cells (CIGS, DSSC, etc.) printing, batteries printing.

Chemists of IQ Lab can help to identify and solve problems with printed materials occurring in production, through environmental conditions and during end use. IQ Lab services includes material analysis, investigative assessments, post-failure analysis and support implementing preventive measures during product development.

We not only conduct hundreds of studies and tests in order to provide the market with Quantum Dots as a complete high-quality product. To get results, we need to receive feedback from customers, process a huge amount of information, because today companies that want to use ink and other products with quantum dots in their business are waiting for individual solutions, and this is a lot of special characteristics that must be taken into account. Moreover, more and more research institutes are interested in quantum dots, so they want to cooperate with us, because we already have a specialized experience and are ready to share it in the framework of different projects. Literally every day I communicate with dozens of competent people from different countries, and the base of our knowledge and discoveries grows constantly. Our company is always open for cooperation with professionals.

Ekaterina Valishina

Project Manager



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