The acute problem of our time is the constant terrorist threats on different parts of the world. Opposition to such organizations is a big task for every state. The problem is that some explosive and other dangerous substances are produced at a limited number of sites around the world and terrorists manage to get these substances.

The task of modern society is to prevent the diversion of various specific compounds into illegal circulation. We do not always have the opportunity to prevent the spread of illicit substances and atrocities that are committed with their use at an early stage, but we need to use all possible mechanisms to fight terrorist and other illegal organizations at all possible levels.

Quantum Dots in the future can allow "encode" virtually any composition, bind them to a specific production site to track their further distribution. This will enable us at any time to identify the origin of any prohibited substance and, on the basis of this, take appropriate measures to the distributor. Due to the large number of parameters and properties of quantum dots that we can adjust and adjust, it is possible to apply them to different chemical compositions, and then we can simply to identify a unique code.



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